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Abosede gallery is where i. do my painting job
and have my products all these products are the result of my gallery I! d never thought of the dream of artwork neither do i knew that i have the Done all started about 3 yrs ago When i was going thyough desert (unconfortable situation I do pick up old bed sheet and started drawing on it of the drawing i pick up from Atalaya magazine So a well known artist saw me and. told me that seems you sre talented bose So he invited me to bring my job and presentéd it with the great artist so peopld who came so intested in my art so a woman came from radio and i was interviwed and she bought my artwork So i decided to find out where rhey sell art work produt so i. bought cualitaties instrumentos lenze. to draw on ir ” pincieles for paiting and i nomarly use oil pain and Acrilic paits Abosede is an Authodicta i, d nenet learn how to paint. but as the time goes on i became passionate So the govement of spain ivited me for exhibisiosion even they are planning to do anothee aexposición for me They said my artwork gives luck that is special i do work and draw with my personal imagination i can ship my artwork to any part of the wold once is bought I can frame it and i”v even shipped to usa Yes i normaly ship my original arywork and i have to charge for the frame apart 

No.1 Abosede gallery is where my show room and painting room.

No. 2 about 3years ago.

No. 3 abosede is an Authodicta. 

No. 4 lience” Oil pains and Acrílico All are cualties materias.

No. 5 yes i can ship to any part of the word.

No.6 yes i was invited by the govement.

No. 7 i can ship to any part of the country.

No. 8 yes i do ship the Origina paints.

No.9 sure i can fram and send if the customer request but it will cost a bit exra money.

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